Tuesday Tip- Bloodflow Restriction
One of our tools for helping people move better, feel better, live better pain free is BFR or Bloodflow Restriction.
It allows us to increase muscle with low loads. It helps build muscle through cell swelling and stress response.
Currently, I am using it to help with healing an ulna fracture. It can help by cell swelling and the stress reaction which can increase the laying down of new bone over the reabsortion of bone material.
We have been using it with a person that had been unable to put weight on his feet. He is now able to walk after only a few treatments.
It is great for people that are older. Muscle loss in the older population leads to falls and other issues that can cause serious injury. We can help increase muscle mass and strength without over stressing them.
There is some research showing that we can use it to increase VO2 max at a much lower heart rate and less time than cardio exercise without using it.
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