Tuesday’s Tip- Itchy Back? This weeks tip is info on something I missed recently.

Do you have an itchy back between your shoulder blades? Has it been there a long time?

It could be Notalgia Paresthetica. It is a neuropathy of the nerves that supply sensation to the skin. It can be caused by degenerative changes in the spine that put pressure on the nerves as they travel through the muscles to the skin.

It is typically affects women more than males. It is often seen in those that live in flexion, computer work stations etc. It is  described as a single side burning, tingling or itching between T2 and T6.

It can be treated with soft tissue, chiropractic adjustments, TENs Units and MDs can prescribe meds. If you are dealing with it, reach out to us or your health care team.




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