Tuesday’s Tip- Be smarter by working out


There is a reason that we push exercise as one of our frontline modalities for helping patients get out of pain. Now we can talk about how it can help with cognitive activities. Kids and Seniors can both benefit from getting out and moving more. Here is an idea, get them together and help both age groups.


"Recent studies have demonstrated that submaximal acute exercise has a positive impact on cognitive performance. ...In summary, we observed that cognitive performance was found to improve when [participants] performed moderate and maximal exercise relative to results obtained at rest." Senécal I, Howarth SJ, Wells GD, Raymond I, Mior S. The Impact of Moderate and High Intensity Cardiovascular Exertion on Sub-Elite Soccer Referee’s Cognitive Performance: A Lab-Based Study. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. 2021 Oct 1;20(4):618-25.


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