Tuesday’s Tip- Low Back Pain and Work Is your job making your back hurt?

Possibly. This week we are looking at 2 studies about ways that work can increase your low back pain.

Long story short, make sure that your work environment is clean, comfortable and at the right position to possibly avoid low back pain. Study number 2 is lot keep activity level at work to low or moderate intensity if possible and be moderate to intense in your leisure activities.


Different LBP Activity Recommendations for Work vs. Leisure? Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation: "The physical activity advice ought to be different for LBP prevention and rehabilitation to reduce long-term sickness absence risk, and specified by domain and activity intensity. At work, employees with LBP should be advised to spend time on light-intensity physical activity and limit their time on moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity. During leisure, employees should spend time on moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity." Gupta N, Rasmussen CL, Hartvigsen J, Mortensen OS, Clays E, Bültmann U, Holtermann A.


Physical Activity Advice for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Low Back Pain-Same or Different? A Study on Device-Measured Physical Activity and Register-Based Sickness Absence. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. 2021 Oct 9:1-1. Link Sub-Optimal Workspace Environments Fuel LBP "The results of mixed-effects logistic model revealed that not having a place or room to concentrate on work, desk not well-lit enough for work, lack of space on the desk to work, not having enough legroom, and uncomfortable temperature and humidity conditions in the workspace were significantly associated with higher odds of LBP." Matsugaki R, Muramatsu K, Tateishi S, Nagata T, Tsuji M, Hino A, Ikegami K, Fujino Y, Matsuda S. Association between telecommuting environment and low back pain among Japanese telecommuting workers: A cross-sectional study. medRxiv. 2021 Jan 1


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