Tuesday’s Tip- neck pain treatments
Here is a quick example of how we treat neck pain. We utilize soft tissue therapy, adjustments and exercise.
Research shows that these together increase function and end pain much faster
"Four 20-min sessions of manual therapy and exercise, along with a home-exercise program, was found to be more effective than an exercise protocol and a home-exercise program in improving the neck disability index, flexion-rotation test, pain intensity, and pressure pain threshold, in the short, medium, and medium-long term in patients with chronic neck pain and upper rotation restriction. Cervical range of motion improved with the addition of manual therapy in the medium and medium-long term."
Rodríguez-Sanz J, Malo-Urriés M, Lucha-López MO, López-de-Celis C, Pérez-Bellmunt A, Corral-de-Toro J, Hidalgo-García C. Comparison of an exercise program with and without manual therapy for patients with chronic neck pain and upper cervical rotation restriction. Randomized controlled trial. PeerJ. 2021 Nov 24;9:e12546
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